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probably avoiding homework.



the only reason i go to school is because i donn’t wanna be an unemployed college drop out. i wanna be an unemployed college graduate 

thats the spirit

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moment of silence for all my wasted potential

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Did I ever tell u guys about this business card my mom had because let me tell you


You know when an fast angry song comes on that you know every word to comes on and you’re in just the right mood that you’re eyes light up with the fire and angst of a thousand punk rockers and you just feel so alive

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I feel this on a spiritual level

So relevant though..

it happens to the best of us
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"if she only wants you, don’t worry about who wants her"
-gold-kushkloudz (via gold-kushkloudz)

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"You can’t keep kissing strangers and pretend that it’s him."

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boys moaning is basically the hottest thing a guy can do besides give you neck kisses

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is it morally okay to pray that your crush’s relationship doesn’t work out

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